We've assembled a list of support topics related to Edifix technology below. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us.  


Inera Inc


 To learn more about Inera Inc and our range of eXtyles desktop, server, and web products, please visit our website!  




 If you come across a record in PubMed that contains verifiable errors in comparison with the published article, please contact PubMed Help.  


 To learn more about PubMed, Medline, or PubMed Central, please see the extensive PubMed Help Page.  




 If you come across an error in the Crossref database, please contact Crossref Support.  


 To learn more about Crossref, please see Crossref FastFacts.  


RIS Format


 For complete RIS specifications, please see Reference Manager’s RIS Format Specifications.  




 To learn more about the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) XML and the NLM DTDs, please see NCBI’s JATS About page.  


DOI (Digital Object Identifier)


 To learn more about DOIs or to resolve a DOI, please refer to doi.org.  


 To report a problematic DOI, please contact DOI support.