Absolutely! At any time, you can upgrade your subscription to a plan with a higher reference allowance (via Account>Upgrade or Pricing). If you change your plan in the middle of your subscription period and haven't yet used up your current reference allowance, the remainder will extend through the first subscription period (month/year) of your new subscription plan. When your new plan renews, the reference allowance will reset to the new starting total.

Account>Upgrade displays your current subscription, the total remaining reference allowance from your current plan, and the subscription options available to you. Choose the subscription plan you want to switch to and click Change Plan. You'll be asked to confirm your selection; once you've confirmed the upgrade, provide your billing information and click Submit Purchase.

Your old subscription plan will be cancelled, and your new subscription plan will start immediately. 

If you find that you require a lower reference allowance than you previously thought, you can choose a lower-level monthly plan. For example, if you are a Premium Monthly subscriber, but now you only need to process 250 references per month, you can choose to renew with the Basic Monthly plan. 

If this FAQ doesn't address your specific need to change your subscription plan, please contact us.