Each subscription plan gives you access to Edifix's unique reference correction, formatting, and linking tools as well as a "reference allowance" to use within your chosen subscription period (month or year). Your reference allowance is the total number of billable references that you can Edifix within that period without paying overage charges. Your allowance resets at the end of each period.

For example, Eddy Fix signs up for a Basic Monthly subscription plan, which includes a reference allowance of 250 references. This means that each month, Eddy can Edifix up to 250 billable references. At the end of the month, Eddy's allowance resets back to 250 references.

References are considered billable when Edifix successfully parses (identifies constituent parts) and restructures or links your reference. If you submit references that are too heavily damaged, and Edifix changes nothing, then those references will not be deducted from your reference allowance.

To learn more about billable references, see the table here