Reference Validation and Correction options, now including Cabells Reference Checking

When this option is checked, Edifix identifies journal names in references submitted for processing, then compares them against the journal titles listed in the Cabells Predatory Reports database, which offers detailed information on deceptive behaviors of more than 14,000 publications. When a match is found, Edifix flags the journal name in the results and provides a link to the journal’s entry in Predatory Reports. For more information on this feature, see “Predatory journal alerts from Edifix + Cabells” on the Edifix blog.


During the open beta period only, any Edifix user can access the full details of any flagged journal at no additional cost. When the beta period has ended, Edifix users who want to continue to see the detailed results of Cabells Reference Checking will require a subscription to Cabells Predatory Reports.


The criteria used to evaluate journals for inclusion in the Predatory Reports database, and how the criteria are weighted, are explained here.