If your Edifix Organization has multiple Teams, you'll see them listed on the My Organization page, immediately below the data on your Organization:

The first team listed will always be your Organization, and as Organization Lead, you will be listed as its Manager. If you have Team Members who are not part of a specific Team, this is where they'll be listed.

To access information about your Organization, see here.

To access information about a specific Team, click on the team name in the far left-hand column OR click on Manage in the far right-hand column to bring up the Team Overview page:

From this page, you can see

  • who's on this Team (column 1)
  • how to contact them (column 2)
  • whose access has been disabled (column 3)
  • each Team Member's role (Member or Manager) and whether any invitations are still pending (column 4)
  • how many jobs, total references, and billable references each Team Member has processed (columns 5-7)
  • when each Team Member last used Edifix (column 8)

You can also

  • view or change the Team's default editorial settings via the View Team Settings button
  • add a new Team Member to the Team via the Add Team Member button, and designate them as a Manager if appropriate
  • change any Team Member's role via the Action drop-down OR by clicking on their name and checking/unchecking the Manager box on their Team Member Details page
  • disable or enable access for any Team Member via the Action drop-down
  • view any Team Member's profile by clicking on their name to access the Team Member Details page
  • move any Team Member from this Team to another Team by clicking on their name and using the Team dropdown on the Team Member Details page
  • delete a Team Member via the Action drop-down

            → Warning: When you delete a Team Member, you can only reinstate them by re-inviting them as a "new" member of your Organization! You may want to consider disabling their Edifix access instead.