Yes, you can! Edifix will turn the HTML code underlying Word’s automatic numbering into plain-text numbers, which will be exported along with your reference list.

However, there are some known issues that you should watch out for while we’re working to resolve them:

  • A reference list formatted in Word as an auto-numbered list with parentheses will be converted to a bulleted list. You can resolve this problem by changing the auto-numbering format in Word or, if your editorial style requires keeping the parentheses, by using this nifty macro to convert the list from auto-numbering to plain-text numbering.
  • If your reference list has extra hard returns / paragraph marks between items, the items will end up incorrectly renumbered (e.g., references 1-4 will be output as references 2-5). You can resolve this problem by removing the extra breaks before Edifixing your reference list.