Wondering how other freelancers are using Edifix to boost their productivity or shorten their turnaround times? See here for a great example, from freelance medical editor Jennifer Holmes, who writes that thanks to Edifix her “reference copyediting time is cut in more than half.”

Hilary Cadman, of Cadman Editing Services, describes how Edifix saves time and adds value for clients here. And Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, a long-time user, documents how she trialled and Edifix and why she decided to subscribe in this post from 2014.

Benefits of Edifix for freelancers include

  • reduced reference copyediting time
  • improved accuracy of references
  • ability to deliver value-added reference linking (PubMed PMID links, Crossref DOI links) without devoting time and effort to one-by-one manual searching
  • access to PubMed and Crossref metadata, for quick, accurate corrections that don’t rely on authors to look up information
  • effective multitasking: you can keep editing the text while Edifix works on the reference list