Edifix supports most modern desktop platforms and browsers. We recommend using the latest Firefox and Chrome versions, Safari 5+, or MS Edge. Our site is also viewable on mobile phones and tablets, but will not work as expected when Edifixing jobs, and is not recommended for this use at this time.

The following browsers are known to support Edifix at this time:

  • Microsoft Edge 20+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Mozilla Firefox 32+
  • Google Chrome 34+
  • Safari 5.1+

Updating your browser is an important part of being safe on the web. Security updates and improvements to web standards mean that your information is more secure and you are able to use the best web technology available when your browser is also up to date. At Edifix, we do our best to balance widespread desktop support with maintaining the integrity of our solutions. In light of that, we've provided some resources for users below if you find that you need to upgrade or re-evaluate your chosen browser:

- What's My Browser? can help you find out what browser you are currently using, and what version.

- Browse Happy will link you to the most recent download for the most commonly-used web browsers.