Before you click Edifix Your References and submit your reference list, Edifix estimates how many references you are submitting, to help you make sure you don't exceed your reference allowance (and confirm that you're OK with paying overage charges if you do). Sometimes at this stage Edifix will guess incorrectly how many references you've really pasted. You may not see this until you have used up your reference allowance.

Here's why: Edifix estimates how many references you've pasted by counting how many new paragraphs and line breaks are in the submitted text. Certain formats are harder for Edifix to break down into countable chunks, which make it harder to accurately count how many references you're submitting. These formats include:

  • Structured lists¬†
  • Tables and table cells

Not to worry! Edifix's reference processing engine CAN read these formats accurately, and the resulting Edifixed references and deductions from your reference allowance will be counted correctly.