When you select PubMed and/or Crossref Correction and Linking, and your reference links to the PubMed and/or Crossref database, Edifix checks the record for information about retractions and corrections.

Both PubMed and Crossref record information about articles that are retracted, withdrawn, or otherwise corrected. This information can be important: if a retracted or corrected article is cited, the citing author may not have been aware of the retraction or correction, and either of these may call into question the validity of the citation. Depending on your role and the status of the references you are running through Edifix, you may want to bring this warning to the attention of the author or publisher.

While Edifix inserts a warning for all noted retractions, a warning is inserted for significant corrections (errata) only. Corrections are considered significant if the record includes a note in the entry.

Articles that point to corrections without a note are not significant enough to generate an Edifix warning, as they usually point out things like an incorrect accent in an author's name. While the question of "significant errata" is subjective, we try to supply useful warnings without flooding your reference results with inconsequential comments.

An article that does contain significant errata will come out of Edifix like so:

Strik JJ, Honig A, Lousberg R, Cheriex EC, Van Praag HM. Cardiac side-effects of two selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in middle-aged and elderly depressed patients. Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 1998;13(6):263-267. PMID:9861576.

PubMed reports that reference "Strik, Honig, Lousberg, Cheriex, Van Praag, 1998" was corrected in "Int Clin Psychopharmacol 1999 Mar;14(2):138" (Note: Dosage error in published abstract; MEDLINE/PubMed abstract corrected).