References that are gray have not been parsed, restructured, or linked by Edifix and are not deducted from your reference allowance.

Journal article, book, and book chapter references tend to be rather uniform in structure, and this means that Edifix does a great job of restructuring and correcting them. Some journal references, however, may be too damaged for Edifix to break down and restructure. If it takes a human eye more than a few seconds to correctly identify the different parts of a reference, chances are that Edifix will have some trouble too.

References to certain types of content -- theses/dissertations, conference proceedings, and websites -- tend to be much less uniform in structure, making it much more difficult for Edifix to identify their different elements correctly. Also, there is a lack of definitive online resources against which Edifix can check the accuracy of these non-journal references. Therefore, Edifix does not attempt to restructure references to content that it identifies as not a journal article, book, or book chapter. References are highlighted in gray to indicate that they have not been restructured.

Note: RIS and MEDLINE formats support only fully parsed (in other words, fully structured) references. References that have not been parsed and are shown in gray text will not be included in your exported RIS or MEDLINE files.