When you copy references from a PDF or an online source and paste them into Edifix, you run the risk of introducing unwanted paragraph breaks or non-printable characters into your references. 

In most cases, Edifix can safely and automatically remove incorrect paragraph breaks from references (while preserving the break at the end of each reference) with its Line Break Removal tool (under Advanced Settings). In some cases, however - especially when the bad breaks are numerous - Edifix will incorrectly merge references during this process.

For best results, we recommend that you first paste the references into Microsoft Word or another word processor before submitting them to Edifix. In Word, you can switch on display of non-printing characters, including paragraph marks, by pressing ctrl-shift-8 or clicking the ¶ button. This will allow you to see whether any of the references contain mid-reference hard returns. If you remove these before pasting the references into Edifix, not only will the results be better, but you won’t run the risk of using your reference allowance on fragments of references.