Edifix complements reference management tools by providing the structured input that they require. If you have an unstructured reference list, say from a PDF of a journal article that isn’t available as HTML, or from a Word file sent to you by a colleague or a student, you can copy and paste that reference list into Edifix and let Edifix’s unique reference-parsing technology reformat the references, identify the various elements, and insert PubMed and Crossref links.                 


First, select (Citation Manager Export Format) as your reference style. This format preserves all the author names; uses the full journal title; and includes other fields not kept by most other formats, such as month and day of publication.                 


If you want your references corrected and linked to PubMed or Crossref, select PubMed and/or Crossref Linking and Data Correction.                


Then, paste your unstructured references into the Input References box, and click Edifix Your References.                


Once your references have been Edifixed, export your references to RIS or Medline format, depending on which format your reference manager prefers. The downloaded file can be imported directly into your reference management software of choice.

To learn how to upload RIS-format references into Mendeley, click here!  

To learn how to upload RIS-format references into EndNote, click here (PDF)!

Note: RIS and MEDLINE format only support fully parsed (in other words, fully structured) references. References that have not been parsed and are listed in gray text will not be included in your exported RIS or MEDLINE files.