Edifix is very good at restructuring references that already have a decent structure. Your original references may not be in the editorial style that you want; they may not be consistent; they may not even be accurate; but if your references have enough recognizable pieces of information, then Edifix may be able to do all the tedious restructuring for you.

Journal article references tend to be rather uniform in structure, and this means that Edifix does a great job of restructuring and correcting them. Edifix can also parse (i.e., identify the constituent parts) and restructure most book and book chapter references and even check them against the Crossref database, which contains some book data.

Currently, Edifix can also parse but not restructure most conference proceedings, which tend to be less uniform in structure.

When your references are damaged and missing information, Edifix may be unable to identify each reference's discrete parts. For example, when Edifix can’t identify the publication date, or can't tell the difference between the publisher location and publisher, it can’t restructure your reference. Instead, your reference will be displayed in a gray font to indicate that you should review the entry manually.

Edifix can make your life a lot easier, but there will never be a complete replacement for a good pair of human eyes.